Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Severe Winds in Roxie Cause Damage to at least Two Homes

ROXIE, MS - Severe wind damage hits Franklin County and does damage to several homes in Roxie.  Trees were uprooted at several locations and one fire was reported.  At this time,  no one has reported an injury, but more damage is being reported throughout the county. 

Top Picture - Mr. & Mrs Steven Farr at #83 Second Street in Roxie, suffered damage to the roof of their home and some structural damage to the left front corner when high winds blew over a large oak tree in their yard.  Steve and his family are reported to be safe. The oak tree also damaged a Town of Roxie water line leading into the home and its roots ripped up the concrete embankment of the flood drainage ditch in front of the home.  

Side Picture - l to r - Volunteer Fire Chief Jim McNutt (in blue) Roxie Town Worker Herman Malone (in yellow) and County Supervisor Gary Cameron  survey the damage to home, ditch, power lines and water main.  Roxie Mayor, Ricky Wilson and County Supervisor Gary Cameron both said "that town workers in cooperation with the county workers would do whatever necessary to clean up and assist town and county residents after this storm" Both said "although the wind damage was major, we are so thankful that we currently know of no one that has gotten injured" . They said "it is going to take some time, so residents should be patient as we will try to get to everyone with our clean up efforts as quickly as possible".  

Mr and Mrs Aubrey Garner suffered slight damage to their home at 127 4th street in Roxie as a large oak tree was blown down and hit the corner of their home tearing the gutter and small area of roofing.  Their son, Willie Garner said ' Mom and Dad are ok and we did not know that the tree had fallen until I walked outside my home to look at other damage'.  Mr. Garner said 'we will wait for the weather to clear and Tony Mullins had volunteered to remove the tree'.  

Source: FCNews Staff