Thursday, March 22, 2012

After Surveying the Structure, Longtime Roxie Resident May Lose Home Due to Severe Storm Damage

ROXIE, MS -  Around 5:30 am  on Wednesday, March 21st the Franklin County area began getting heavy rain and the threat of severe windy weather. In the early morning hours, The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch for Franklin Area and surrounding counties until 12 noon. At around 10:45 am the watch was extended to 4:00 pm.  Mr. Mark Thornton, Franklin County Board of Supervisors Emergency Management Director, began posting and sending out information provided by the US National Weather Service in Jackson Mississippi  as quickly as he received it. As an example .... 
At around 11:00 am - Mr. Thornton posted - A new Tornado Watch has been issued for areas along and south of the I-20 Corridor...including the Jackson Metro Area. A strong/severe line of thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes, gusty winds, small hail, and very heavy rainfall will push through SW Mississippi through the late morning hours. One to Two inches of rain per hour have been observed..causing localized flash flooding. Please continue to stay weather aware this afternoon. In addition to NWS radar web site and updates ...
Mr. Thornton was correct in his early warning as the weather moved in very rapidly.  Roxie received some major damage as the severe weather moved through the area. 

 Click on Video to see pictures of some of the damage 
and pictures of clean up as it began ...

Winds and rain continued in the area and the Town of Roxie began having severe gusts of wind around 11:15 am with the stronger winds coming in 'burst of lines' in different areas in and around the Town of Roxie.  Things slowed a little around 11:35 am and people started seeing damage and checking the area.  It was reported that about 8 large trees fell and two homes were hit with trees along with limbs, power lines, telephone lines and debris across property and streets.  Mr. and Mrs Aubrey Garner received only minor damage from a tree falling on their home even though it look really bad at the time; Mr and Mrs. Steve Farr received major damage as an oak tree fell completely across their house doing major damage to roof and interior walls, ceilings and floor.  Limbs torn several large holes in one bedroom, damaged ceiling in hallway as limbs torn through roof and the end of one limb torn into ceiling next to kitchen; plus other wall and structural damage cause by the weight of the trunk of the large tree and water damage from the heavy rain.  Even though people were at home when tree fell, no one was  hurt.  Mr. Farr reported that he felt the home may be beyond repair based on current structural damage.  He and his family are now staying with his mother, Mrs. Louise Farr who lives across street but received no damage.    The enclosed video shows some of the  interior damage to their home.  

A special thanks should go out to Town of Roxie employee's, Mark and Herman for their many hours of unselfish work.  Also, District Supervisor, Gary Cameron and his crew have been non stop since the weather arrived by surveying the damage and assisting in the clean up efforts.  Friends, neighbors and family have all pitched in to help each other.  

There have been other areas damaged but seems that the Town of Roxie 'took a good hit' but it keeps on ticking as its residents pull together to clean up the mess.  

If you know of any other damage or anyone needing assistance please put information in the comment section below this article.  Our staff will pass it on to the proper authorities. 

Source: FCNews Staff
Video by: Valuebroadcasting / Roxie Media Design