Friday, March 23, 2012

Franklin County Ms News Blog Tops Over 6,400 Viewers

ROXIE, MS - The Franklin County Ms News Blog  has topped over  6,400 (six thousand four hundred) viewers since beginning its blog publication in November 2011.  The viewer count on February 1, 2012 was 928 viewers when Franklin County Ms News Staff began adding article posting to Facebook pages administered by the News Staff.  The viewership growth rate for the last 51 days has been an outstanding 591% (five hundred ninety-one percent).  

Using the criteria of 'most viewers per article'- the top 5 (five) articles are as follows: 

*  Severe Winds in Roxie Cause Damage to at least Two Homes / March 21, 2012
*  Roxie Volunteer Fire Department Responds to House Fire During ... Today! / March 21, 2012
*  Ongoing Investigation in County Thefts Continues Despite Recent Arrest / March 3, 2012
*  Franklin County Sheriff James Newman Reports Pharmacy Burglary / February 9 , 2012
*  One of Franklin County's Best Kept Secrets in Education / March 3, 2012

To view these top five articles (* you may click on title) and other articles you may visit the archive section located in the right column of front page.  Very favorable growth began as evidence of the Socialnomics of Facebook at work. 

Source: FCNews Staff