Saturday, March 31, 2012

Search is Currently Underway for 81 Year Old Franklin County Resident, Ms Roxie Wells Wilkinson

ROXIE, MS -  An 81 year old Franklin County resident is missing.  Ms. Roxie Wells Wilkinson was discovered missing around 2 pm Friday from her home at 425 Peterson Rd off Hwy 98 near the Franklin / Lincoln county line at Smithdale, Ms.  Ms. Wilkinson has be diagnosed with early stages of dementia and also has a medical heart condition that requires medication.  Ms. Wilkinson also must wear glasses but her glasses were found in her home along with her required heart medication.  Her family searched for her for about on hour prior to calling the Franklin County Sheriffs office who immediately called the Franklin County Search and Rescue  Unit.  A rescue operation was set up and a grid search began without success.  At about 7 pm the Southwest Search and Rescue used dogs with did not get a 'hit' as to her location.  Also, the Angola Search and Rescue joined in the search.  At about 2 am this morning the search was called off and resumed at day break this morning.  At this time (9:15 am Saturday, March 31st) the grid search is continuing.  Ms Wilkinson, who is an 81 year old white female, was last seen wearing a pink top with white pants with white croc shoes.  She does not have ID, her purse or her glasses. Ms. Wilkinson also does not have her heart medication that is required.  If anyone has any information or knows her whereabouts please contact the Franklin County Sheriffs office at 601-384-2324

Source: FC News Staff Report