Sunday, March 11, 2012

Franklin County Ranks 8th in State Severance Tax Payments for Fiscal Year 2011

ROXIE, Ms -  The State of Mississippi has 82 Counties.  Arkansas and Mississippi are tied for the most number of Counties within the United States.   Franklin County sits within the confines of the Homochitto National Forest but has contributed over $546,000.00 (five hundred forty six thousand dollars) in Gas, Oil and Timber Severance Tax payments  to the State of Mississippi Department of Revenue in the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2011 ...  Severance Tax Payments in Gas  was only $1,541.30 but   Oil Severance Tax  at $ 530,747.14 and  Timber Severance Tax at $ 14,077.06 puts Franklin County's ranking as the 8th largest county of Oil  and Timber Severance Tax payments out of the 82 counties.  

Severance taxes are excise taxes on natural resources "severed" from the earth. They are measured by the quantity or value of the resource removed or produced. 

The State of Mississippi Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2011 Report is available at or click here ..

Photo: Mississippi River Bridge, Vicksburg, MS
Taken by Lucas Crenshaw, 
DOR Office of Information Technology

Mississippi Department of Revenue
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Commissioner of Revenue
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Raymond, MS 39154
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Phone: (601) 923-7000
Date of Publication:  December 2011

Source: FCNews Reporter, Ms Department of Revenue - Public Records