Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Media Buy, Sell or Trade Pages are Truly All-in-One Pages

ROXIE - Are you looking for an item to buy, sell or trade an item ?  In this new world of computers, Internet and social media sites such as  Facebook, the buy, sell or trade market has taken on a whole new look.  Everyday people have created Internet pages or groups that allow a person to list their item or items for sale, wanted to buy or willing to trade.  You can post your item with description, price, picture and contact information.  Some pages are closed membership in which you have to be accepted for membership (approved by page administrator). These page also have other rules for membership and listing items.  Some pages are open to the public. Once on the page, anyone can join (like) or not join (like) then post directly to the page. Most pages allow for comments on item posted or questions that are not listed when a person 'post' the item.  Some are community pages rather than groups. These all-in-one market  and meeting places allow individuals as well as organizations, groups, clubs, and others to promote their wares all within a local community setting or grouping. 

We have discovered 6 such pages and they are as follows: 

Franklin County Buy, Sell or Trade

Adams County Buy, Sell or Trade

Pike County Buy, Sell or Trade

Southern Ms Swap Shop

Roxie/ Crosby/ Gloster/ sell, buy, and swap group

Tri Parish Advertising,Buy,Sell,Trade

Most of the listed pages above  require that you personally have a Facebook page to visit their site.  Now the opportunity to list your items to buy, sell, trade, barter or want to buy is unlimited as the 'everyday' entrepreneur has taking advantage of 'socialnomics' which combines social media with economics. 

Source: Roxie Media News (2-26-2012) & FCNews Staff