Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Many Twins Do You Know in Franklin County was the Question !

Late Wednesday afternoon on February 15th,  Ms. Betty Bonds posted a question on her Facebook wall page.

Betty ask of her friends ...  "How many sets of twins do you know in Franklin or related to us in Franklin County?" ... then she added ... "I started a list and wish you all would throw in names for me."   
Was she in for a surprise Thursday afternoon when she checked the answers to her question. She had over 61 comments to her question.   
After seeing the response, Betty then comment in her next post by saying "Day 2 - If you know of twins in FC, add to the list from post yesterday. May have it (list) added to record someday. Maybe we should be listing the MOMS and DADS who raised twins, that is where the joy. love, happiness funny events, many sleepless nights, illness, crying babies, all through them leaving home really happens in our life. Loved having twins myself. Franklin County may have some multi-seed fertilizer." 
Here is the list compiled from her original question.  There may be more and you may add in the comment section of someone you may know.  Enjoy the list ...

  1. Susan and Lee Ann Hollingsworth 
  2. Kay and Carol Humphrey 
  3. The Romaro Twins 
  4. Linda Tanner has twin Grandaughters 
  5. Kevin Cotton  Twin Boys
  6. Frankie and Johnnie King 
  7. Will and Warren Walker
  8. Brandy and Brittany Mitchell 
  9. Jennifer and Janna Bonds
  10. Ollie and Odie Brown
  11. Louie and Lonnie Farr
  12. Kirby and Luther Bonds
  13. Derrick and Christie Bonds Twins
  14. Brooke and Brittany (Alice Storey Gill)
  15. Gertrude Storey was a twin. 
  16. Faye and Gaye Lee 
  17. Samantha Wilkinson has twin girls due soon. 
  18. Jack Evans - Twins Sedrick and Kedrick Covington 
  19. Hogan and Hannah Watts 
  20. Logan and Lauren Aldridge 
  21. Burt and Lindsey Smith
  22. Allie and Conner Davis 
  23. Myrtle Watson Ezell was a twin 
  24. Eddie Louis and Louis Eddie Brown 
  25. Jake Cupit - Twin Boys 
  26. Jessica and Justin Martin 
  27. Bill and Randy 
  28. Mickey and Page Goff - Twin Boys 
  29. Maye Wentworth and Faye 
  30. Ruth and Rufus Carlock 
  31. Harvey Prather and  Harmon Prather  
  32. Robert Filbert & Eleanor Filbert (Bayless)
  33. Cindy and Wendy Smith 
  34. Sid and Les Larkin  
  35. Mona and Peggy Harrigill 
  36. Mike & Diane Zumbro
  37. Jane & Janet Dulin
  38. Dora and Dorothy Smith 
  39. Yvonne & Yvette Frith 
  40. David and Daniel McDanial (Click and Clack) 
  41. Horace and Morris Foster 
  42. Kay and Carol Humphrey
  43. Justin and Dustin McFarland 
  44. Kevin and Chandra Chaney
  45. Brandon and Kennon Holford 
  46. Janet Halford has 2 sets of twins 
  47. Pernell Twin Girls 
  48. Pernell Twin Boys 
  49. Antonio and Anthony Green (last name ?)
  50. Norman Twin Boys
  51. Jakayla and Jakory Brown
  52. Jaden and Jaylen Hunt 
  53. Dan and Lashaun Griffith 
  54. Prentiss and Clarence Dillon 
  55. Marilyn and Carolyn Cothren 
  56. David and Josie 
  57. Bessie Mae and Anna Faye McFarland
  58. Fiorelllo Twins
  59. Paul and Paula Filbert 
  60. Sis and Son McMillan
  61. Patti Davis Twins
  62. Dusty Hutto Twins 
  63. Becky Burrow Twins
  64. Christina and Catherine Wilkinson
  65. Josh Springs Twins 
  66. Bridget and Gidget Horn
  67. Shirley Ikerd Twin Grandsons
  68. Cole and Caleb Welch