Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ms Medicaid Funded for Another Fiscal Year

JACKSON, Miss. -- Mississippi lawmakers adjourned their two-day special session late Friday after passing bills to keep Medicaid alive and funded for the new fiscal year that starts Monday. 

Republicans hold the majority in the House and Senate, and they blocked Democrats' efforts to extend Medicaid to another 300,000 low-income people -- additional coverage that is an option under the federal health overhaul that President Barack Obama signed in 2010

Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves reads a copy of an amendment to a Medicaid budget bill during floor debate as a copy of its contents is displayed in chambers. (AP)

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By The Associated Press 
on June 28, 2013 at 11:45 PM, updated June 28, 2013 at 11:47 PM
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Judge Temporary Blocks MS Open-Carry Gun Law

JACKSON, Mississippi -- A state judge blocked Mississippi's open-carry gun law from taking effect next week, writing in a Friday ruling that the law was vague and that an injunction was needed to prevent irreparable harm. 
Hinds County
Circuit Judge Winston Kidd


Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd scheduled a hearing July 8 to consider more arguments about whether to extend the injunction.

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By The Associated Press 
on June 28, 2013 at 7:03 PM, updated June 28, 2013 at 7:04 PM

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Job - HS Cotton Choppers Hit Delta Rows

Delta Farm Press 'via Blog this'  - Heaton Farms, Clarksdale, Miss., often uses a crew of local high schooler's that work from 6 a.m. until noon in a six-week season that runs from June into July.
Fifteen-year-old Dearius Dawsom, Clarksdale, Miss., covers up as the sun climbs.

... to see photo gallery click here > Photo Gallery: Photos: High school cotton choppers hit Delta rows | Delta Farm Press:

Farmer Goes From Dairy to Melons

Delta Farm Press  'via Blog this'  ... Bad milk prices in the dairy business over the past several years have some farmers looking for new ways to make a living. One farmer near Franklinton, La., has begun to look at vegetables as a way to live off the land and continue to enjoy what he loves.
LSU AgCenter County Agent Henry Harrison has been working with former dairy farmer Rickey Ingram to prepare him for life after the dairy business. Ingram, who had been in the dairy business for nearly 30 years, said it just got to the point that he couldn't make money milking cows.
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Farmer goes from dairy to melons | [primary-term] content from Delta Farm Press:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mr. Chubby said ... 'Garden Grown Tomatoes. The Fruit of My Passion' ..

MEADVILLE, MS - Summer is just not the same unless you have a 'goood ole bacon & to-ma-ter' sam-ich' .... and probably whomever said that must have once bought their tomatoes from Mr. Greg 'Chubby' Scott's mini farm located at 8710 Hwy 84 East in Quentin, Ms just east of Meadville/Bude, Ms .... 

Mr. 'Chubby', as he has been known all of his life, is somewhat of a tomato growing expert .... Mr. Chubby has customers that wait for his tomatoes to 'come ripe' and when he puts his signs out on the road near his driveway... they get the cash ready, pull up into his yard and honk their horn ... Mrs. Clemois or Mr. 'Chubby' stop the tomato sorting and the picking to wait on each customer with a big smile and a hearty welcome .... 

"I produce between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds of tomatoes each year.  I sell them all right here to my friends, customers and neighbors.  Put up my signs when they ready and when they gone I just take them ole signs down till next year" said Mr. Chubby .... "folks been waiting for my tomatoes and they were a little late this year but they are coming on strong"  ... I feed'em a little powdered milk 'cause they need calcium and I give them plenty water .... they grow, grow and grow just like a baby ..... just pick'em and sell'em ... I love growing stuff, especially my tomatoes .... Mr. Chubby added ... 

Mr and Mrs Scott love to visit with folks and sell their tomatoes.  They also have yellow squash and okra.  The okra goes fast and you got to get there early to get the daily picking of squash.  'First come, first serve' said Mr. Chubby .... We try to be open around 7 AM til around dark everyday... except we close early on Wednesday to go to church and of course we close on Sunday ...  'folks can pull up in driveway and honk or call us at 601-835-1998 .. we'll be right here' .... Mr. Chubby said as he waited on another tomato customer ... 

Mr Chubby looking over his field of Tomatoes and Squash 

Source: FCNews Staff local report

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miss State Heads To College Championship Series

OMAHA, Neb. – Mississippi State made this officially the best season in the rich history of Bulldog Baseball Friday afternoon.

The Bulldogs secured a spot in the College World Series national championship series for the first time. To reach the title match, MSU knocked off Oregon State 4-1 before a crowd of 18,868 at TD Ameritrade Park.

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Wounded on 22nd of June

SHARE 'via Blog this' > It was 69 years ago today. 7:27 PM, Paris, France. The B-17G serial number 42-102552 was shot down by flak over Paris. Some of the crew managed to get out of the destroyed plane, some did not. Kirby Cowan, whom I wrote about here, was the only one of the crew captured by the Gestapo. He was one of the 168 allied airmen who ended up in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp instead of a POW camp. 

Read the entire article ... Click here > More on Kirby Cowan and those who died and were wounded on 22 June 1944 | JONATHAN TURLEY:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Have You Tried Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade On Facebook ?

ROXIE, MS - Do you have ‘things” you don’t need or want or want to find an item to purchase?  Many people have turned to Facebook to get good deals on buying, selling or swapping items. Some even pick up a few things to resell for a profit.  Using the most popular social networking  to earn cash or clear unwanted clutter is growing in Miss-Lou area. 

First you must find a group.  Most Facebook selling and buying groups are local or at least limited to a geographic area.  You do not want to waste time or effort dealing with an area to far away from your home. Some people even know the people they are dealing with because they live in the area. 

To find such a group, use the search field in Facebook and enter your geographic local area plus the word(s) ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ plus you may want to narrow your search by the type of item you are looking to sell or buy (used baby cloths or used cars, for example)

Listed below is just a few membership 'groups' that some of our staff have experienced as members both selling, buying or swapping items. 
Join a group. Many groups are closed which means you will have to ask permission to join.  If you have a valid Facebook account and have friends that may be in the group, the chances of you being able to join the group is expected. 

Read the groups rules. Most all Facebook groups have a set of rules which is normally found under the ‘notes’ tab or is in a ‘pinned post’ at the top of the posting page or called 'main page'. These rules may only be available to you once your have been accepted into the group.  The rules should include details on how to post items for sale, how to deal with potential buyers, and what to do when your item has been sold. If you are given permission to 'bump' your item please do so under the rules.  Bumping simply means that you 'bump' your item to the top of the listed items by placing the word 'bump' in the comments section.  Read the rules. 

Other rules may include:
  • The number of items per day you can list
  • The number of photos that can accompany each listing
  • Types of items that can be sold
  • How to contact a buyer to coordinate the sale
List your first item. Decide what item you’d like to sell first, and use it as a test to make sure you understand the rules. If done correctly, your listing will remain up and you should get comments from those interested in buying. Be sure that you are prompt about answering questions or arranging the details of the sale. If you don’t feel comfortable selling to a particular person, for whatever reason, don’t feel compelled to sell to them.

Whatever you do you must follow through. Once there is an  agreement, make sure you follow up. Most groups have no accountability system, and it is possible for deals to go wrong. 

Pick a public place. You should make the exchange, deal with cash or money order, and set expectations of what you expect as a seller. Use good safety rules and maybe get to know the person on Facebook or only deal with those you may know or who are an acquaintance of those you know. (Facebook makes it easy to see who knows who; use that feature to qualify deals)

Lots of people have purchased items in their local community that they could not have gotten without this unique forum found on Facebook.  Selling through Facebook is a fast growing trend that will grow and become even more popular. 

Jump on the band wagon if  you need to clear the closet, raise some cash or build your reputation and your skills in buying or selling for profit.  

Source: FC News Staff research 


The secret to successful word-of-mouth marketing on the social web is easy: BE LIKEABLE.

A friend's recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the world of Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, that recommendation can travel farther--and faster--than ever before.

"LIkeable Social Media" helps you harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to transform your business. Listen to your customers and prospects. Deliver value, excitement, and surprise. And most important, learn how to truly engage your customers and help them spread the word. Praise for "Likeable Social Media"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Can You Say "Goodbye" To Parent Related Coaching Problems?

ROXIE, MS - There's an epidemic that's sweeping the world of youth and high school sports right now. Too many coaches are being distracted, bullied or stressed out by overbearing parents. Don't get me wrong... 95% of the sports parents out there are good people. And even the "problem" ones usually THINK they're doing what's best for their kids. But this bad behavior is more than just annoying.

It's disruptive. It's disrespectful. 
And it sets a terrible example for the kids.

No matter where you go, whether you're on a basketball court, football field, or ice hockey arena... there are a few common "problem parent" types that rear their heads over and over again.

You're probably familiar with the self appointed "Strategy Director" - who's always questioning your decisions, and trying to tell you how to run the team.

And then there's the "Playing Time Bully" - who's 100% sure his kid would be an all-state superstar, if you'd just give him some more playing time to prove it!

Not to mention "Mr. Unreasonable Expectations" - who takes the game so seriously, and is so HARD on his son, you honestly feel sorry for the kid.

If any of that sounds familiar, then please read on. How about a proven, stress-free formula for getting parents to work WITH you (not against you) for the benefit of your entire team!

The American Coaching Academy is proud to present a new coaching certification program called Parent Management For Youth and High School Sports.

It's a fun, engaging online simulation that teaches you exactly...

How to eliminate conflicts, and create more positive, productive relationships with the parents on your team!

The course is broken down into six learning modules:

Module 1: Developing and Communicating Your Coaching Philosophy to Parents
Module 2: Helping Parents Provide Positive Support For Their Kids
Module 3: Helping Parents Set Reasonable Goals For Their Kids
Module 4: Your Playing Time Strategy
Module 5: Parent Roles and Responsibilities
Module 6: Coaches as Coaches, Parents as Parents

Inside each module, you'll complete a number of stimulating, interactive exercises to learn the material, then test your skills in a challenging real-life scenario.

From establishing yourself as a leader... to enforcing team rules... to handling disputes over playing time... you'll learn to handle all the most challenging parent-related situations in a safe, online learning environment, with help and guidance from your own virtual mentor.

  • The #1 key to establishing credibility with your team on the first day of practice... So parents respect your authority and won't meddle with your decisions
  • How to help parents set reasonable goals for their kids and provide POSITIVE support from the sidelines... win OR lose
  • How to project confidence and authority when talking to parents (even if you hate public speaking)
  • 8 easy methods to help parents provide positive support for their kids (win or lose). These techniques immediately take the pressure off your athletes, so they play looser and have more fun!
  • What to do when a Mom or Dad has unreasonable expectations for their children
  • How to develop a fair, balanced, and age-appropriate playing time strategy that both athletes and parents will appreciate and respect (No more frustrating battles over how much each kid will play!)
  • A HUGE mistake coaches make when handling an angry parent's complaint
  • How to establish parent and coach roles and responsibilities (so they leave the job of coaching up to you!)
  • The best way to discipline a disruptive or rule-breaking athlete, without stepping on his parents toes
  • A no-brainer technique for getting more parents to volunteer for fundraising, scorekeeping, officiating and team management (so you can focus on coaching the kids!)
  • What to do when a parent violates your team rules. Learn when to handle it on your own, and when you need to escalate the issue to your athletic director
  • 7 easy ways to build a respectful partnership between coaches and parents. So you actually work TOGETHER to help your athletes enjoy the sport and improve their skills!
  • How to handle complaints about playing time, without arguing, fighting, or caving into pressure
Dan Baker, President, American Coaching Academy states ... "The mission of the AMERICAN COACHING ACADEMY is to arm you with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on your athletes and teach them valuable life lessons through participation in sport".

Since 2003, the ACA has provided quality coaching education to youth and high school sports coaches in all 50 states (and 18 different countries).

All of their courses are offered online, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home or office, and on your own schedule. Regardless of where or when you receive your certification, you'll walk away with a world-class coaching education that focuses on the care, health, performance and safety of your athletes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

TNT Youth Football & Cheerleader FREE Camp

ROXIE, MS -  The TNT Youth Football & Cheerleader League of McComb, Ms will be hosting the New Orleans Saints Gatorade Training Camp on Wednesday, June 12th beginning at 9 AM till 2PM at South Pike High School in Magnolia Ms.  The Franklin County TNT Bulldogs are in their second year of participation in this youth league. The camp will be featuring The Pike County Iron Horse Semi-Pro Football Team. 
This camp is F R E E and open to all boys and girls ages 5 to 18 yrs. old.  Also, the Saints Cheerleaders will be holding a Cheer Camp.  The Cheer Camp will be at the same time as the football camp and will be held in the South Pike Gym. John Jackson, local TNT League football coach has organized a caravan to go to the event.  

John said “if your child would like to participate in either event, then meet me at The Exxon Station  in Bude (aka Break Point) at promptly at 7:15 AM on Wednesday, June 12th.  You are also welcome to follow us to Magnolia to South Pike School.  However, I need to know  by no later than  2PM on Monday, June, 10th .  I will need to notify TNT League of how many are attending from our area.  Contact me by 2PM at  601 807 8369 (my cell)” 

Must See 8-month-old Micah's Rippin’ Good Time

With the widespread depression over the latest scandals involving the loss of privacy and press protections in the United States. I thought some of us could use a laugh and this YouTube video went viral a while back of a baby reacting to his father ripping paper. 

The best aspect of this video is that the letter is a rejection letter sent to 8-month-old Micah’s Dad.  

See the Video >

Read the entire article at >


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unlocking Your Mobile Phone Closer to Being Legal

A measure to overturn a Library of Congress decision that makes it illegal to unlock your cell phone draws support from both sides of the aisle, industry and consumer advocates.

To read the entire article click here > Unlocking Your Mobile Phone Closer to Being Legal


Acquisition of Sprint Nextel by Japanese Owned Sofbank

IDG News Service (San Francisco Bureau) — The U.S. Department of Justice said Friday it has no objection to Softbank acquiring Sprint Nextel, a decision that clears the way for the Federal Communications Commission to rule on the deal. 

SEE FULL ARTICLE >  DOJ Clears Softbank's Acquisition of Sprint Nextel