Friday, June 14, 2013

Can You Say "Goodbye" To Parent Related Coaching Problems?

ROXIE, MS - There's an epidemic that's sweeping the world of youth and high school sports right now. Too many coaches are being distracted, bullied or stressed out by overbearing parents. Don't get me wrong... 95% of the sports parents out there are good people. And even the "problem" ones usually THINK they're doing what's best for their kids. But this bad behavior is more than just annoying.

It's disruptive. It's disrespectful. 
And it sets a terrible example for the kids.

No matter where you go, whether you're on a basketball court, football field, or ice hockey arena... there are a few common "problem parent" types that rear their heads over and over again.

You're probably familiar with the self appointed "Strategy Director" - who's always questioning your decisions, and trying to tell you how to run the team.

And then there's the "Playing Time Bully" - who's 100% sure his kid would be an all-state superstar, if you'd just give him some more playing time to prove it!

Not to mention "Mr. Unreasonable Expectations" - who takes the game so seriously, and is so HARD on his son, you honestly feel sorry for the kid.

If any of that sounds familiar, then please read on. How about a proven, stress-free formula for getting parents to work WITH you (not against you) for the benefit of your entire team!

The American Coaching Academy is proud to present a new coaching certification program called Parent Management For Youth and High School Sports.

It's a fun, engaging online simulation that teaches you exactly...

How to eliminate conflicts, and create more positive, productive relationships with the parents on your team!

The course is broken down into six learning modules:

Module 1: Developing and Communicating Your Coaching Philosophy to Parents
Module 2: Helping Parents Provide Positive Support For Their Kids
Module 3: Helping Parents Set Reasonable Goals For Their Kids
Module 4: Your Playing Time Strategy
Module 5: Parent Roles and Responsibilities
Module 6: Coaches as Coaches, Parents as Parents

Inside each module, you'll complete a number of stimulating, interactive exercises to learn the material, then test your skills in a challenging real-life scenario.

From establishing yourself as a leader... to enforcing team rules... to handling disputes over playing time... you'll learn to handle all the most challenging parent-related situations in a safe, online learning environment, with help and guidance from your own virtual mentor.

  • The #1 key to establishing credibility with your team on the first day of practice... So parents respect your authority and won't meddle with your decisions
  • How to help parents set reasonable goals for their kids and provide POSITIVE support from the sidelines... win OR lose
  • How to project confidence and authority when talking to parents (even if you hate public speaking)
  • 8 easy methods to help parents provide positive support for their kids (win or lose). These techniques immediately take the pressure off your athletes, so they play looser and have more fun!
  • What to do when a Mom or Dad has unreasonable expectations for their children
  • How to develop a fair, balanced, and age-appropriate playing time strategy that both athletes and parents will appreciate and respect (No more frustrating battles over how much each kid will play!)
  • A HUGE mistake coaches make when handling an angry parent's complaint
  • How to establish parent and coach roles and responsibilities (so they leave the job of coaching up to you!)
  • The best way to discipline a disruptive or rule-breaking athlete, without stepping on his parents toes
  • A no-brainer technique for getting more parents to volunteer for fundraising, scorekeeping, officiating and team management (so you can focus on coaching the kids!)
  • What to do when a parent violates your team rules. Learn when to handle it on your own, and when you need to escalate the issue to your athletic director
  • 7 easy ways to build a respectful partnership between coaches and parents. So you actually work TOGETHER to help your athletes enjoy the sport and improve their skills!
  • How to handle complaints about playing time, without arguing, fighting, or caving into pressure
Dan Baker, President, American Coaching Academy states ... "The mission of the AMERICAN COACHING ACADEMY is to arm you with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on your athletes and teach them valuable life lessons through participation in sport".

Since 2003, the ACA has provided quality coaching education to youth and high school sports coaches in all 50 states (and 18 different countries).

All of their courses are offered online, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home or office, and on your own schedule. Regardless of where or when you receive your certification, you'll walk away with a world-class coaching education that focuses on the care, health, performance and safety of your athletes.