Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ongoing Investigation in County Thefts Continues Despite Recent Arrest

ROXIE, MS - Franklin County News Blog Reported on Friday, February 17, 2012 that the Franklin County Sheriffs office had doubled the reward for information in the recent logging equipment thefts.  The ongoing investigation remains open and continues despite a recent arrest because it is believed there are more than one person (s) involved. 

As reported, it was discovered the thefts occurred late Sunday night - Jan 31st or early Monday morning - Feb 1st.   The following equipment was removed and considered stolen from three different locations in Franklin County. The following list and follow up information is: 
  • A 1999 Black Kent Four Bolster Trailer. The trailer was stolen from the old saw mill location in Roxie, Ms. Owner of trailer is Smith Brothers Logging, Inc of Roxie, Ms. 
UPDATE: Based on information received, this trailer was found February 21st as part of some scrap iron sold to a Concordia Parish salvage yard. Through the cooperation of law enforcement officials from States of Louisiana and Mississippi, Concordia Parish, Adams and Franklin County, the remains of this trailer were identified and an arrest was made.  Sedrick B Middleton, a former Franklin County Deputy, was arrested, charged with possession of stolen property and is now being held in the Adams County jail without bail in connection with the thefts. The investigation is ongoing and it is believed, based on the arrest of Middleton, that there are more than one person involved.  

  • A 1986 Yellow Nabors Low Boy Trailer. The trailer was stolen from the parking lot next to the Health Dept Office in Bude, Ms.  Owner of trailer is Smith Brothers Logging Inc of Roxie, Ms. 

UPDATE: During the ongoing  part of the investigation this trailer has be recovered. Location of the discovery and other information not available due to ongoing open investigation. After hearing the news of the recovery, a citizen said "other people involved should turn themselves in to Sheriff Newman because the net is closing in on them. People are just tired of people stealing and the courts are going to 'throw the book' at them if they don't".  The citizen also said " Sheriff Newman 'just don't give up' and he's (Sheriff) gonna get'em sooner or later because his arrest record over the years proves that". 

  • Two  Logging Trailers were stolen from the parking lot of the Five Star Gas Station on Hwy 84 in Meadville, Ms. One trailer owner is Dale Dier of Meadville, Ms and other trailer owner is Brad Smith of Brookhaven, Ms.  
UPDATE: The ongoing investigation continues on these trailers.  Franklin County Sheriff James Newman continues to offer a reward for additional information in these thefts. 

Anyone having any information concerning the thefts or anyone knowing about the current location of any of the above remaining listed stolen equipment may contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 601-384-2323 or any state or local law enforcement officer.  The reward amount remains doubled for information. 

Source - FCNews Staff