Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire Destroys Roxie Residence - No One Reported Injured

ROXIE, MS -  APRIL 1, 2012

Fire destroyed the Roxie home of Alisa Humes today in an apparent accidental fire that may have started in the attic but then quickly spread to the rest of the house.  Volunteer Roxie Fire Chief James McNutt arrived at the scene and poured water into the home where most of the smoke plus fire was located but the fire quickly spread. The home is an entire loss and luckily no one was hurt. The home is owned by Ms Juanita Mullins, also a Roxie resident and rented to Ms. Humes. 

Staying with Ms Humes and her son was her sister, Tammy Spalding who is a student at Co-Lin. Ms Spalding said "We lost everything including my sisters purse and the keys to her car.  Also, my new school laptop with all my school lessons and also important paperwork. It has not been a good day" 
Roxie Volunteer Fire Chief, Mr. James McNutt had volunteered to bring equipment to open Ms Humes vehicle so the car seat belonging to her 5 year old son Kristofer could be retrieved. The house is located near the corner of Second and Carolina Streets in Roxie and the car was left undamaged.

In the picture to the left, Roxie Volunteer Fire Chief James (in blue) and his son Blake McNutt are seen talking to Ms Tammy Spalding (in red top)  concerning the fire and car keys. 

In the picture to the left shows Dustin McNutt, son of Roxie Volunteer Fire  Chief and his wife Wendy McNutt,  'putting the hose' to the remaining hot spots from the fire in order to prevent a 'flare up' ... Dustin joins his Dad most times and his Dad has said more than once ... 'he (Dustin) has grown up on a fire truck and he knows what he is doing ... he is a true fireman in every sense of the word. I am always glad he wants to help! "

Source: FCNews Staff / Photos by Roxie Media