Thursday, May 17, 2012

B and B Foods Has Very Special Shopper

May 17, 2012

An alligator evaded capture for more than twenty-four hours in a drainage ditch beside B&B Grocery store earlier this week.  The four foot, three year old was first spotted by a B&B employee on Tuesday.  

Wednesday afternoon after word had spread of the alligator’s presence, Franklin County Sheriff Deputies were alerted to spectators trying to gain a peak of the creature.  At that time Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries Department was called in to help.  With law enforcement from Franklin Sheriff’s Department, Bude Police Department, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and Gaming officials, the alligator was caught with the assistance of Bruick Larkin after an hour struggle. 

With over fifty people gathered in the parking lot watching the capture, B&B store owner, Darrin Ballard, announced, “Y’all come back next Wednesday.  We’ll put another one down there and sell popcorn and cokes.” 

Wildlife officials planned to release the alligator back into the wild.  They warned that alligators reproduce quickly and they are all over this area. 

Keep an eye out as you’re out and about near water this season.

As reported -  
by: Samantha Sivils