Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FCNews Blog Reaches 50,000+ Readers

ROXIE, MS - The idea of starting a Local News Blog began in late summer of 2010.  The Franklin County Ms News Blog published it's beginning article in October of that year.  Some 33 months later the FCNews Blog has reached over 50,000 readers from a diverse group of people who live and work in the Franklin County region.  

6,700,000 results with Franklin County Ms News Blog at the top two spaces

Google continues to prove that it is the 'research source' in finding local news. The words of one Blogger executive rings true when he said ... 'If you can't find a newspaper for .75 cents go to Google for free" .. A lot of people have 'Googled' and found us. Posting to our Facebook Page has also had results  ... 

The articles at best  have been sporadic and varied but over these few months. There has been 290 published along with videos and pictures.  FCNews has had over 3,950 video views on its YouTube Channel. Five FCNews articles were 'picked up' by major news groups and credited to our staff.  Most people view our pages using a Windows Operating Systems and the use of cellular phone operating systems has also been steady. Therefore, we find that these statistics show the need to publish via the Internet.  

The top five articles published has been varied and go from a burglary arrest, a death by shooting, 'which type of shrub to plant', controversy and sports.  Listed below are the top five in no particular order : 

Franklin Advocate Weekly Paper Reports on .... 

Thurs AM Bude Shell Gas Station Shooting Leaves One Dead; One Injured.
Ad revenue has never been a priority but the staff has experimented with national advertising and ad revenue has grown steady as the readership has increased.  The open ended classified section using the  Franklin County Buy, Sell Trade Facebook Page has been a huge success. Stats show over  2,100 page  likes with a reach of over 1.2 K per day .... the page hasgrown steady over the last year, is open to all who want to post and is not a membership page. Recently  the FCNews Staff created the Adams County Buy, Sell Trade Facebook Page which has grown some 65% since it began. 

We thank our readers and we will continue to grow and change.  

Staff / FCNews