Friday, September 23, 2011

Franklin County Memorial Hospital has a brighter future with new programs!

Franklin County Memorial Hospital (FCMH) has gone through some very tough times in the past but the future seems to be much brighter.  FCMH was designated a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) on May 1, 2009.  Now, they have entered a management agreement with Homochitto Management Group (HMG).  The management agreement with HMG brings Critical Access expertise to FCMH which enables them to maximize their payments from Medicare.  Being a Critical Access facility under the the leadership of the management group, FCMH has experienced tremendous growth not only in the number of great employees but, in the health care services offered. 

As a CAH they have made gradual improvements to their facility such as upgrading their radiology equipment to digital which enables them to quickly receive over-reads on X-rays, CT's or Ultrasounds by a Radiologist in Natchez or any other off site location.  The have a full time Respiratory Department with the equipment to meet the respiratory needs of most all patients.  

Last year they opened the Billy D. Martin Therapy Center.  FCMH now has Inpatient and Outpatient Physical TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech TherapyWound Care/Hyperbolic and Diabetic Education.  They continue to offer Acute Care ServiceJourneys Programs (Inpatient and Outpatient Geriatric Psych). The Swing Bed Program has expanded by finding a 'special need'.  FMCH is one of only one of the few hospitals in the nation to offer a 'Special Needs' Program

FCNH now has four (4) Physicians and six (6) Nurse Practitioners employed by the hospital to serve its patients.  It is planned by December of this year to have a new clinic building which will house three (3) clinic Physicians and three Clinic Nurse Practitioners.  

FCMH has always been an important economic development factor in the area.  They have grown to 261 employees and their payroll is a very big economic asset to the county. 

Franklin County Memorial Hospital's CEO/Administrator, Mr W. P. Dickey, Jr. stated "FCMH will continue to serve your healthcare needs with courteous, qualified healthcare professionals and the best medical equipment affordable to us.  FCMH looks forward to serving your healthcare needs for many years to come".  

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Copied in part from article in weekly periodical - Franklin Advocate, Meadville, Ms. Thurs Sept 22, 2011