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Make money 'tweeting' on Twitter

Sponsored Tweets

ROXIE, MS -   Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers. Promoted Tweets are clearly labeled as Promoted when an advertiser is paying for their placement on Twitter.

Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA, says more than 7,000 Twitter users have signed up for Sponsored Tweets in its first month. Murphy says about 500 advertisers, mostly small- to medium-size businesses, plus a handful of Fortune 500 companies, are using the platform. Marketers have access to the entire database of tweeters and can select whom they want to pay and how much they're willing to dish out. Compensation is based on a user's expertise or passion, how many followers that person has and other metrics, like how often the tweeter's followers click to links posted on his or her Twitter page. Murphy says he has paid more than $100,000 to Twitter users in his site's first month of operation. As commission, he charges companies 15% to 50% of their payments to the microbloggers. This comment from an article - 

How to Make Money on Twitter: Do Commercials ! 
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