Thursday, August 28, 2014

Can Roxie Support a Dollar General Store ?

ROXIE -  Is it possible to get a Dollar General Store in downtown Roxie?  Rumors and other information have floated around for some time.  Let's look at the facts and you, the reader, you decide.  Who is going to build the building ?  Who is going to sell the land to the builder or is there a land owner with the land willing to build the building ?  Lots of questions ? 

Dollar General Corporation
Customer Service Department
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

The following information is posted as to the requirements of store location: 

Store Growth & Real Estate (information from Dollar Store RE Division)

We believe in locating our stores based on customer need and convenience. We currently have more than 11,000 stores throughout our 42 state operating area and we are growing every day. 
Site Criteria
  • Located along retail corridor with good traffic - (this is a question)
  • High visibility - (this is a question)
  • Full ingress and egress
  • Shopping center and freestanding opportunities considered
Market Demographics
  • Median household income – Less than $75,000
  • Trade area population – At least 4,500 - (this is a question - the Roxie zip code, covering 249.1 square miles, is only a population of 3,121 ) 
Build to Suit Program
  • 9,100 sf building
  • 70' x 135' prototype design
  • Customer friendly parking (minimum 30)
  • Building and pylon signage
  • Accessible truck delivery (53' trailer)

The following information extracted from 2010 US Census Report 

MS - Franklin County (including Roxie) 

Total Population8,118
Housing Status
( in housing units unless noted )
Population in owner-occupied
( number of individuals )
Population in renter-occupied
( number of individuals )
Households with individuals under 181,088
Vacant: for rent48
Vacant: for sale33
Population by Sex/Age
Under 182,043
18 & over6,075
20 - 24399
25 - 34940
35 - 491,490
50 - 641,739
65 & over1,315
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino47
Non Hispanic or Latino8,071
Population by Race
African American2,791
American Indian and Alaska Native14
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander0
Identified by two or more45
  ..... and broken down for Roxie zip code covering 249.1 square miles. 

Some questions and answers:  (more Q & A click here)

Q. Does Dollar General franchise its stores?

A. No. Dollar General does not franchise its stores.

Q. I have a building that would be great for a DG store—whom do I call?

A. We have field representatives throughout our operating area. Please refer to the Real Estate section for the appropriate field representative in your region.

Q. I want to bid on your new building sites—who handles construction?

A. If you are interested in our build-to-suit or conventional program, please e-mail a request for information to

Q. What are the criteria for a new store?

A. Existing Center: Our preferred site is in a grocery or major retail anchored strip center. We require a minimum of 60' of width, and we need approximately 7,500 square feet of selling area, along with 1,000 to 1,500 square feet for a stockroom. Built to Suit: We also have an aggressive free-standing build-to-suit program for those markets in which we have been unable to locate a suitable site in a strip center. Our free-standing buildings range between 9,000 and 9,500 square feet on approximately 1 to 1-1/4 acres of land.

Q. Who handles store maintenance contracts?

A. Contact our Store Facility Maintenance Department at for more information.