Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogging is not a new word !

How can  you tell people about your company in small bits and pieces ?  It’s simple. First, you will need a  company blog.  If it sounds simple, it is.  There are many free formats that are very simple to load information which is called a post.  Googles own Blogspot format is an example. 

You must have a good, clean and non cluttered format or theme. You must create clear and easy to navigate sections. 

Create a primary topic that is related to your product and your readership.  Take time to make your post stand out with clear headlines that are search friendly.  Make sure you have a clear key point in your title. Always spell check and re check your grammar’ 

Try ‘standing out from the crowd’ but not to the point that a reader will not come back. 

Post accurate and informative information. Do not always ask for something but, give something to the reader such as clear and concise information. Keep your reader engaged. 

As often as possible, link your sources within your post so the reader can ‘click on’ to get additional information.  Make your words count by writing quality posts.  

Blogging  can add greater value to your customer information base. Use it wisely.